Apple Crates

Bentinck Farm has been in operation for many, many years and over this time we have come to accumulate a sizeable number of vintage, rustic apple crates (or bushel boxes as they are more properly known) all of which are UK in origin. Apples, historically, would be picked into the bushel boxes and these would be taken to Covent Garden for sale; a deposit would be received for the box itself until it was returned by the grocer through a clearing system at Covent Garden which is the reason why the farm names were printed on the side of the crates.

Nowadays, these apple crates have a wide variety of different uses and are now available for sale to you. We are aware of the crates being used as a rustic theme for bookcases/shelves; bedside table; shop displays; and general stacking storage. Many of the crates have the original date of manufacture stamped on the side and we have found some dating back as far as the mid 1950ís! The origin is mostly from around Kent and Sussex.

If you are intererested in purchasing one of these unique items, please contact us for more information on details and prices.

We also offer apple boxes that have been power-washed.

Size data:

Height 28cm (11") x Width 38cm (15") x Length 56cm (22").
Average weight 5kg each.
Stacked as a group of 3, dimensions are 58 x 38 x 56 (cm) or 23 x 15 x 22 (inches)